What if dance is how I practice a relationship with my whole body…?

                Deborah Hay – dance artist

If you are breathing (and I hope you are) you are moving.  This is a great place to start.  To become aware of breath and stillness.  To follow yourself into movement and into the unknown.  And to play with how we might share this moving moment.

All my workshops focus on developing body awareness and a subtle inner focus as the supportive ground for movement improvisation and exploration of shaping, crafting and sharing movement experiences.

Movement and dance can be a powerful pathway to deep feeling, transformation, connection and creativity.  Check out my current workshops.



3 thoughts on “Workshops

    • Hi Claire, great to hear from you. At the moment I am running weekly movement meditations, outdoors Thursday mornings 6.30-8am in Tugun; there are a couple of all day Saturday workshops coming up in August and September; and an exciting community perfomance project kicking off in November. I also love working one-on-one with people as a dance movement therapist. If you want more info, send me an email at and I will send you more details. Feel free to call me directly and we can have a chat 0420 367 199. I look forward to hearing from you xx

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