I’d love to hear from you.

phone:  0420 367 199


Or leave a comment on this site.

Or we might run into each other on the beach sometime and stop for a chat.


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mez who made your site? I’ve been looking for a site to model my site on and I love how clear and uncluttered yours is – such a relief and a joy to look at and engage with.

    If you are happy to share I’m keen as mustard XX

  2. Hey amiss Elton,
    You damn inspiring lady. Drove through Tugun the other day and thought of you. And I’ll be heading your way a lot more. The fam and I have just moved to the mid north coast. Massive love,
    Nancy xxx

  3. Hello Moving Places Meredith,
    I would like to express my interest in moving places with you. I am ‘a bit shy’ and may not be great at dancing but I’m willing to give it a go and challenge my inner insecurities around dramatic movement.
    love Jeff

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